Lightning Wallet

Every Zion account includes a Zion wallet that utilizes Lightning payments to ensure near instant payments for virtually no cost.

Adding Funds

To add funds to a Zion Lightning wallet:

  1. Click fund/request on the lightning wallet splash page

  2. Decide the amount of SATS to add and click continue

  3. Copy the generated Lightning Invoice and pay it with your favorite Lightning wallet or Lightning supporting exchange

As mentioned earlier, through the utilization of Taro, Zion wallets will eventually be able to store and send NFTs, stablecoins, and other assets.

Sending Funds

To send funds to another wallet:

  1. Click send on the Lightning wallet splash page

  2. Use a camera to scan a invoice QR code or manually input the desired invoice address

  3. Click send. If the amount requested in the invoice is not available, an error message will appear

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