Creator Communities

Communities are hubs for creator expression and also the center of the Zion Network. Anyone can create a community where they define the community’s purpose and they set the rules for posting.

Community Features:

  • Community Feed: A feed of all community posts. Only community members can see and comment on posts.

  • OpenChat: A chat that is accessible by community members only and is encrypted via DID verification.

Community Monetization

Owners who would like their members to have a vested interest in their community can turn on community payment features. These features allow community owners to monetize from community management while also adding safeguards from malicious actors and bots. These features are:

  • Membership Fee: One time membership fee for all community members when joining the community. This is not refundable if a member is kicked or leaves

  • Posting Fee: A non-refundable fee for creating a post in a community feed. This makes members choose what content they feel is important enough to invest in a post creation.

  • Staking Fee: A refundable fee for posting content. This is a tool to prevent spam posts and malicious members from using sock puppets and bot accounts. Staking fees are kept for up to 8 hours and returned if the post is not taken down by community admins. Members who's posts that are penalized for breaking the rules will not be returned their staking fee.

Omni-Directional Payments: Micropayments can move seamlessly through bi-directional payment channels:

  • Audience to Creator: Securely pay to see exclusive, premium, or unreleased content, send tips and directly support a creator’s career

  • Audience to Audience: Boost top comments and reward valuable contributions from fellow users

  • Creator to Audience: Release new content and facilitate meaningful engagement by rewarding fans’ contributions to the community

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