Zion is a Web5 Architecture built through the utilization of DIDs, DWNs, and Bitcoin Lightning Network. The Zion Architecture paves the way for true interoperability of all data, and with the addition of decentralized financial payments developers can build almost any app and service. Data will no longer be bound to one network or service. DID owners can access other networks using their DIDs and DWNs while utilizing their Lightning wallets for financial services.

The first use case for the Zion Architecture is the Zion App. With the Zion App members create a Zion account that consists of a DID:ION, access to our DWN, and Bitcoin Lightning wallet. Members can create and join communities, message, post, comment, and support creators by boosting posts with Satoshis. Additionally, the Zion App only acts as an aggregator only and is moderated by individual communities that create their own rules for self governance within their community.

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