Why Web5?

With the utilization of TBD's Web5 Platform, entities on the internet will be able to interact with others online without the need for trusted third parties. Without aggregators like Zion, DWNs can still communicate with each other using DID for verification. This means data from a DWN is still accessible even if certain services are down. It also allows for people to transfer data and create their own contracts without the need for a service to act as a middle man thanks to Lightning payments and DID verification.

As shown above, with the use of the Zion DID:ION resolver (Or any DID:ION resolver) for verification, DWNs can send messages independently of any aggregator. This ends a prevalent problem in the digital age where businesses who rely on internet services to function are often forced to shut down when the services they use stop functioning. Since DWNs are stored locally and in Master Replicas, entities can now to continue to function and have access to their data even if a service they use stops functioning. In addition, because of DID verification and decentralized storage, data has never been more secure. Data is no longer stored in a centralized cloud meaning an end to admin accounts with backdoor privileges into a user's data. This not only prevents the deletion of data from a centralized authority on a network, but it also prevents hackers from using exploits to gain access to all data on a network

Building on Web5

Almost any web application or service can be built utilizing TBD's Web5 Decentralized Platform for data storage, messaging, and verification. By adding decentralized payments with the Bitcoin Lightning Network the possibilities become endless. These are the pillars of the Zion Architecture

In a Web5 future, almost all web services will utilize these features. With the use of DID:ION verification there will no longer be a need for creating accounts on centralized networks to use services. Thanks to DWN technology, any entity will be able to use their data in a variety of applications and services while still maintaining ownership. Additionally, the use of Bitcoin Lightning enables developers to create financial based services on Web5. This means everything from social media to even going on a vacation utilizing Zion’s Web 5 Architecture.

Thank you to the following contributors that helped bring this document together:

Liran Cohen, Daniel Buchner, Ryan Gentry, Justin Rezvani, Eric Ziouane, Jason Charter, Evgen Scherbina,

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