DID Account Creation

When members create a Zion account, members generate their DID:ION, DWN, and Bitcoin Lightning Wallet. To create an account:

  1. Open Zion App and click create account

  2. Record 12 word BIP39 generated recovery phrase. This is your DID:ION Recovery Key Pair. (Note: Accounts can only be recovered with the recovery phrase. Zion is not responsible for lost recovery keys)

  3. Input the recovery phrase correctly into the input screen to ensure it was recorded correctly

  4. Input an email to attach to the Zion account (optional)

  5. Input an alphanumeric passcode for the Zion app

  6. Fill out the account creation page with a display name, username, profile picture, and bio

Once members are finished they will be given full access to the Zion app and lightning wallet.

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