Zion App

The Zion App is an application built on Web5 Architecture that facilitates transparent and direct flow of content and payments between creators and their audiences. With Zion, you can post and share content, boost posts to support your favorite creators, and message with other Zion Members.

Additionally, Zion sidesteps corporate profit motives and empowers every user with full sovereignty and irrevocable custody of their personal information and data. This creates a network free of targeted ads, centralized moderation, and arbitrary censorship.

Zion Aggregator Framework

The Zion Application functions through the utilization of TBD Web5 Architecture and Bitcoin Lightning Network. With this technology Zion members can post, message, and transact on the Zion App.

The Zion Application enables the use of DWNs to store posts and messages securely, and in a way that prevents aggregators from deleting data from a DWN without the owner's permission. The Zion protocol is able to use Message requests to interact with DWN data. Once DWN data is given permission to be used as defined by the DWN owner and is verified with DID verification it can be used by the Zion Aggregator. Data is then stored and indexed in a database like a normal data aggregator for use in the Zion App.

For payments, all in app transactions utilizes Zion lightning payments with a Zion Ledger that stores all in app transaction data. When funds are removed off Zion through a Bitcoin Lightning Network transaction, the Zion App contacts an entities DWN to pay a lightning invoice.

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